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Chez Nono Review From A Local Expert

Chez Nono in Bora Bora has to be one of the best accommodations on the coolest beach and surrounded by tropical trees.

It’s a most beautiful stretch of white sand that constitutes Point Matira. Halfway along, looking out over the absolutely stunning waters of Matira Beach, is Chez Nono, a Matira Beach landmark. If you like sunsets and tropical vibes, this place on the southern end of Bora Bora is the place to be!

There are two round bungalows very much in the Tahitian style sets amidst swaying palms and offering incredible views over the world’s most beautiful lagoon. The larger bungalow sleeps 4 & offers great views with the gorgeous lagoon at your doorstep. The smaller one is a great and romantic place to stay for a honeymoon or destination wedding.

The other, with its feet planted firmly in the turquoise waters, is a Bora Bora classic sleeping 3 people.


There are just two other fares where you can stay at Chez Nono’s both are large fully, contained villas offering a sitting room, kitchen & 2 bedrooms a piece. Each villa sleeps up to 6 persons, with one bedroom having a double & a single & the other 3 singles. These are a great choice for families or friend groups.

Chez Nono VIllas

An issue management should address is the issue of hot water. Chez Nono uses a solar hot water system, but it is not linked to electricity so as to ensure hot water at all times. Cold showers in cloudy times or when it’s a full house are unacceptable in an establishment of this quality.

As with other pensions (family-run guesthouses) in the area Chez Nono is close to great restaurants. It doesn’t offer its own breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but its proximity to places like Intercontinental and The Lucky House solves this issue.

There are also a couple of small supermarkets within walking distance & nearby two of the most difficult-to-reach American WWII cannons. Read our guide on how to find the cannons.

Chez Nono’s is also close to many of the major tour operators, and right next door is a great jet ski & quad tour provider. This enables you to deal directly with them and potentially save a considerable amount in commissions that might otherwise be levied.

Nono himself, however, has been running various tours around Bora Bora for many years and has built up a reputation for some great outings. Returning to Chez Nono’s aboard a Tahitian pirogue at sunset, being serenaded by a pareo-clad only Tahitian strumming a ukulele while singing the praises of Bora Bora is legendary.

He currently offers snorkeling tours around Bora Bora, where you can get to see some of the island’s sharks, swim with rays, and observe some of the coral and tropical fish.