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Bora Bora Heiva des Ecoles (School Heiva)

For many the Heiva got under way today. Today was the Heiva Des Ecoles (School Heiva), where participants can reflect on their rich culture, history & heritage, where some will start their climb to provide the backbone to the Heiva I Bora Bora in years to come & where all will simply have fun, & lots of it!


Many of those visiting Bora Bora stopped by & enjoyed a few moments, no doubt reflecting on their own days as school children often in faraway lands.

Some photos to take you there of the 1,500 primary school children who sang & danced the morning away. As tradition would have it, the honor to open the festivities went to the school for the handicapped:


The future stars await their turn:


Quite a day for some!

h-des e

Let the main game begin!