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How To Get Around Bora Bora (Transportation)

When planning a trip to Bora Bora, don’t forget to think about transportation around the island once you arrive. Although the island is small, you’ll still want to plan a way to get to every corner and explore all there is to do and see while you are here. 

Once you arrive at Bora Bora, you’ll notice that the airport rests on a small island just north of the main island. You can get to the main island by utilizing the free water shuttle that delivers you directly to Vaitape, at which point you’ll be on your own. If you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort on a private island, they will often have their own private shuttles that take you directly to them. 

If you want the freedom to come and go as you please, the best option is to rent a car. There is simply no better way to see every corner of Bora Bora and its amazing attractions (like finding all the eight old WW2 cannons). The car rental prices aren’t much higher than in other nearby places and the convenience is worth the premium.

Consider choosing a car rental company local to the island when you visit. The local car rental companies in Bora Bora can give you flexibility and convenience at an affordable price.

Car Rentals

You can typically find both automatic and manual cars. A lot of people typically asks us if you need a 4×4 in Bora Bora, but truth is a regular car works just fine. Parking around Bora Bora can be hit or miss, depending on the day and time. Weekends are a popular time with tourists and if you stay near Vaitape, you’ll probably run into traffic. You should plan to spend time looking for a parking spot when visiting a popular attraction on the island.

It’s easy to find parking in places like Matira Beach or Tā’ihi Point. Many hotels and resorts also include parking as an amenity, or you might have the option to pay a fee for parking if applicable. Use your judgment and look for any posted signs about parking restrictions if you are in one of the smaller towns around the island.

FH Rental Bora Bora is a small company that takes pride in its fleet and provides reliable, cost-effective car rentals to guests from all over the world. The fleet consists entirely of the Kia Picanto, an efficient compact car capable of comfortably seating up to 5.

Electric car rental

Other Transportation Methods

Rental cars are the most convenient choice, but if you’d like to save money and put it toward some other aspect of your trip, there are other transportation options available.  

Shuttles and taxis are available around the island and are almost as convenient as rental cars, but the cost can add up quickly. This includes getting around on land and water, giving you access to the outer islands and snorkeling hotspots with water taxis or even booking snorkeling tours and excursions

Bicycles are a great way to get around Bora Bora and can be rented or even included with your stay as many of the hotels and villas include free bicycles to use on your vacation. The ring road around the main island is paved and maintained, making it suitable for cyclists. You can realistically get around the island within a few hours, and if you start early you can even include sight-seeing stops and a dip or two in the water.

When all else fails, getting around Bora Bora on foot is easy. This also provides you with a chance to slow yourself down to the pace of island time. There is a wide selection of hikes that are only accessible on foot, allowing you to see the natural beauty of Bora Bora up close and personal.

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