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Kiteboarding In Bora Bora

Kiteboarding in Bora Bora is an exhilarating sport. The way it works is you attach yourself to the harness of a powerful kite that pulls you on a narrow fiberglass board, racing across various water surfaces. It’s directly or in a series of spectacular jumps and tricks and at speeds that can exceed 100km/h. Even watching it can send the viewer’s pulse beat racing and certainly get the rider’s adrenaline pumping.

A generous Mother Nature once again presented Bora Bora with ideal conditions & a happy band of eager kite-boarders headed to a stunning corner of paradise.

The team prepares their kites:


Bora Bora is an ideal place for those who love kiteboarding. There are big swells created by strong winds that are calmed by an outer reef protecting the world’s most beautiful lagoon.

It enables kiteboarders to have all the advantages of the powerful wind with none of the issues of an irregular swell. There’s just enough bump to be able to launch oneself high into the sky amidst twists, turns, and summersaults while racing over waters where the rays & reef sharks are clearly visible down below.


An easing in the winds presented an excellent opportunity for a light lunch on the deserted motu:


Lunch finished & the reappearance of the wind saw the girls leading the charge. You can clearly see the equipment involved in the sport in this photo:


Not to be outdone, Raimanu decided to fly in the air. Kite-boarders sometimes fly for more than 20 seconds, often clearing boats, landmarks, and bridges. It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted.


As the day wound day, we headed back to the lagoon side of the motu for sunset, to a spot well-known to readers of this site. On this occasion, being prepared for a private party with two couples cruising on a large motor yacht moored just off Bloody Mary’s. The show included Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dancing) & fire-dancing.


Who could leave a spot like this!!!