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Le Bora Bora By Pearl Resorts Review

This is Dena’s love story at the Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resort. We flew into Tahiti for 3 nights, headed to Moorea for 3 nights, and then took off to the most beautiful island I have ever seen, Bora Bora. We boarded a small Air Tahiti flight sitting in the best spot, the back left of the plane to get the most amazing view flying in.  

When we landed, we walked over to the small airport and were directed to our luggage. After we grabbed our luggage, we were directed to a line for the Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts, where we were greeted with a Tahitian necklace and headband made of leaves.  

Le Bora Bora By Pearl Resorts

Here, they then take you to the beautiful white all-electric boat. As you board the boat, they greet you with a shell necklace and a bottle of water. The resort is a 20-minute boat ride from the airport.

As the boat drives through the beautiful waters that change from dark blue to medium blue to the most amazing clear blue, you’re told what to expect at the resort.  

Le Bora Bora Pool


As we arrived at the beautiful dock, we could see the amazing overwater bungalows right away. We grabbed our luggage and walked to the lobby. Once in the lobby, our group from the boat was taken to a large private room where you’re given paperwork, a cold towel with the most beautiful smell, and lemonade. 

After finishing the paperwork, they take you on a group tour to the back of the property. When back to the lobby, the staff leads you to your private bungalows, whether it be in the beautiful green and lush part of the property, beach bungalows or overwater bungalows.  

View from Bungalow at le bora bora pearl resorts

We personally chose the regular room over the overwater bungalow. As the lady walks you along the pier, you can already tell you’re in pure paradise. We had room 302 facing the beach part of the lagoon and the water at the bungalows is only about 4 feet deep. You can see the resort and beach perfectly from it. Some of the bungalows face Mount Otemanu, which is a gorgeous site to see every day all day long on the walks back and forth. We arrived around 3 pm in the afternoon. 


After entering the bungalow, the lady takes you on a tour and shows you around some more. I was filming this at the time, so I have good video footage. Our room was beautifully decorated with many flowers and swans made of towels for our anniversary and my birthday.   

Bed at room in pearl resorts

The inside was very beautiful, with teakwood floor to ceiling. They also give you two very nice water bottles with the resort’s name and a very nice beach bag. You get a fully stocked fridge and snacks with coffee and two beautiful huge beach towels each day. The bathroom was huge, with a sitting desk to do your makeup and hair. It had lots of storage, two sinks, a large shower, and a large bathtub, which made me very happy.   

Bungalow bathroom and bath

You also get robes and slippers and champagne. They also give nice wooden luggage tags and keys to the bungalow. The room had a couch and a long bench in the living room/bedroom area and at the end of the bed was a see-through coffee table to see down below the bungalow.

Couch in bungalow

Under the bungalow, they plant 2 sets of coral so you can see fish all day and night. There is a light underneath you can turn on in the evenings and just watch the fish all night long just like if you were viewing a fish tank.  

You also had slits of these all over the place, in the bathroom, at the sink, and next to your bathtub to see the fish below. The bathroom was very beautiful and spacious which a large tub and shower. There is also a small closet to store your luggage. You can even see the lagoon from the bed. You get a roomy patio with a table and chairs and a hammock to lay on. The first thing we did was jump in the water, and by this time it was around 5 pm.  


We stayed in the water for hours until it got dark when the sharks come and the nightlife of the lagoon starts. We then went to dinner and the main dining place called Otemanu. We ate there every morning and night. Breakfast is included in the price. The food at the Le Bora Bora was excellent, and I don’t even eat seafood.

Le Bora Bora Restaurant

We mostly ate club sandwiches that actually have eggs, pizza, and burgers. Le Bora Bora By Pearl Resorts offers a free ferry ride guests can use to visit the main island. There, we rented a small car and went to Bloody Mary’s to eat. I was not impressed with the burger, but my husband liked the fish. We then hung out at the pool in the late evening and watched the fire show.


Le Bora Bora also has a very beautiful Spa called Tavai Spa back by the lily ponds. You will also find a large private pool with umbrellas surrounding it right in front of the restaurant. Other property amenities include tennis courts, a fitness center, and two other restaurants. Near the front by the pool, they also have a place where you can rent electric paddleboards and stand-up paddleboards and get fresh towels.

Tavai Spa

On the last day, we took the electric paddleboards out to the tiny private island and all around the bungalows. It was so much fun because they are very wide, and you actually don’t feel like you’re going to fall over. We went out for one hour which was plenty, and got to see all of the places from a different view. There is also a poolside bar and a restaurant outside.  

Le Bora Bora Paddleboards

On the walk back to the bungalow every night, you can see sharks and tons of different fish in the Coral Garden they planted and grew. One day we took a private canoe to do some snorkeling. It was a beautiful new canoe with an excellent driver. He took us to see so many things and fed us fresh bananas, oranges, and melons.   

We swam with sting rays, blacktip sharks, and eagle rays and saw huge manta rays in the deep blue water, so it was quite an experience. On the way back to the resort, we actually saw a man taking his horse swimming in the beautiful lagoon, and oh what a site it was to see.  

On April 28th, the morning of my birthday, we actually renewed our wedding vows underneath a palapa on the beach. It was a beautiful ceremony with a Polynesian Priest dressed to the hilt. My photographer took photos starting with me still at the bungalow, getting in the canoe over to the beach, and then the wedding photos along with around the back of the resort. It is amazingly gorgeous with tons of palm trees and beautiful purple flower lily ponds.  

Vow Renewals at Le Bora Bora

Check Out

The very last day was rough because we had to check out.  See, no one wants to leave Bora Bora once they are there. I have read that Le Bora Bora, although not cheap in price is by far one of the most affordable and best resorts on Bora Bora. It’s absolutely hands down super gorgeous from all angles. 

Le Bora Bora Pearl Resorts Sunset

The service was great, and it felt like a 5-star resort. I would rather stay two weeks at this resort again than go to another one for a week hands down.  

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