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Village Temanuata Review

Village Temanuata is but a stone’s throw along the beach from the Intercontinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort.

It’s the over-water bungalows of the Moana Resort that you can see in the background of the following photo of the beach out front of Village Temanuata.


Village Temanuata has 11 bungalows that can comfortably accommodate 24 people all set alongside a pleasant garden walkway that leads to a private beach.

The rooms, though not large, provide the necessities and are adequately comfortable for where the village sits in the marketplace. There is also free wifi, and the rooms are air-conditioned to keep you comfortable in the warm weather.

It’s situated right next door to Restaurant Fare Manuia, a great bistro-style operation open 7/7 & very convenient to have as a neighbor. You can choose from bungalows with views of the sea, gardens, and more.

village temanuata walkpath

On the other side of the village is Manu, one of the larger tour operators on Bora Bora. They can propose to you the full gambit of tours. The standard fare plus outings from surfing to moon parties with a range of boats to carry the full range of passenger numbers.

Go see the tour operator direct to see what you can negotiate. Alternatively, Village Temanuata has a well-presented range of tours on offer that they can recommend to you.

It’s a service for which they may charge a fee or receive a commission. Before undertaking any tour, it’s strongly recommended that you search the totally comprehensive coverage of tours available on Bora Bora here.

Village Temanuata room

Village Temanuata has its own wonderful private beach looking out over the Motu Piti Uu Uta. Behind the resort, you can find a favorite snorkeling spot by many, famously called the Coral garden and Motu Piti Uu Tai.

Tahaa and Raiatea are clearly visible in the distance. If there’s an on-shore breeze, Matira Beach is only a few steps away on the other side of Matira Point.

The accommodations are close to a good selection of fine restaurants and bistros. The village is almost directly opposite a well-stocked general store and within walking distance of 2 of the more difficult-to-find American WWII Cannons.

You can also just stroll halfway out along Matira Point to find jet ski tours and quad tours. All basic amenities are covered, including microwaves, fridges, and ceiling fans.